Remapping is like brain surgery for your vehicle. Most vehicles, even those over a decade or two old will be fitted with an Electronic Control Unit (ECU). This is the vehicle’s ‘brain’ and is in charge of controlling a variety of factors and processes such as fuel mixture, ignition timing and (where relevant) turbo boost pressure. The ultimate aim of a remap is to improve the performance and economy of your vehicle by altering the parameters of these processes within the ECU.

So why don’t they do this in the factory?

The parameters for these processes are pre-set in the factories during the manufacturing process and follow a ‘one size fits all’ premise. Car manufacturers must take into account a huge variety of factors, from emission standards to variations in fuel qualities and weather conditions where the vehicle will be sold. They must also consider the differences in driving styles and adherence to servicing and maintenance. The software loaded onto the ECU is designed to generally address all of these issues.

The issue here is the word ‘generally’. This ‘one size fits all’ premise is great for many people, but some find their vehicle does not quite fit their needs. Our tailor-made remaps are designed to ensure the performance and economy is the very best it can be for your vehicle based on your requirements. Ultimately, you spend a lot of money on a car… why live with something that you are not totally happy with and that does not completely fit your requirements?

If you would like some more information on how a remap can benefit you, just contact our team and they would be more than happy to discuss this with you.

How invasive is a remap?

The remapping process is 'non-invasive', which means we do not need to dismantle, remove or replace and of your engine parts.



1. Vehicle's ECU is plugged into our laptop

2. ECU's existing data is downloaded and sent to our file provider

3. File provider analyses vehicle data and creates bespoke software file based on your specific requirements (please note, each remap file is individually tailored to your requirements and not an 'off the shelf' version) 

4. Bespoke file is sent back and uploaded onto vehicle ECU.

5. Job done!


The whole process takes up to two hours and once done you can enjoy the benefits immediately.

For the real power lovers we can offer bespoke stage one, stage two and stage three remaps as well as a wide range of performance enhancements such as turbos, exhausts, induction kits, inter-coolers etc. in order to allow all our customers to get the best performance out of their vehicle, for a very competitive price. Contact us now to discuss your performance options.



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